If you are searching for an experienced, qualified, tai chi chuan and chi kung instructor, then I can help you.

I am a registered senior level instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, and have been studying tai chi chuan and chi kung in depth for over thirty years.

There are thousands of research papers and books on tai chi chuan and chi kung. It is well documented by medical and science experts, that with correct guidance you will improve your general health and wellbeing through the practice of these arts. This research also confirms the health improvement for various mind and body conditions, through training in tai chi chuan and chi kung.

The wide range of exercises and forms I will guide you through, are suitable for all ages, from young people to elders. They will be structured to your own personal abilities and ambitions. The exercises vary from gentle, to extremely energetic and demanding.

My training options include classes for complete beginners, through to advanced players.

I also have classes for elders, training in falls prevention through gentle stretching, exercising and strengthening techniques.

The training includes the hand form, and also sensing hands exercises with partners. These form the basis of tai chi chuan.

The hand form is a set of movements, every movement having a martial art application hidden within it. They are learned in a set sequence and are performed slowly. It is not necessary to learn tai chi chuan as a martial art, but sometimes an explanation of a self defence application will deepen your understanding of the form.

Sensing hands, or pushing hands as some schools call it, consists of working with different partners. This enables you to learn about your own energy, and the energy from other people, teaching you feel and sensitivity. As your training and form develops you will begin to sense the differences in energy from various partners, learning to adhere and follow and redirect energy. Working with different partners will develop a greater depth in your stance through balance and technique. It will also allow you to be quickly responsive in any situation if needed.

The form and sensing hands will also develop your mental thought process, enabling your mind to quieten, but remain alert and attentive.

The training will also include various chi kung exercises which are designed to help to repair, energise and strengthen your body.

I offer various types of lessons in order for you to choose the most suitable option for you.

The first option is private tuition, where I come to your home or pre-arranged venue. You should also practice what we go through in the lessons, on your own, as often as possible in order to progress rapidly.

The second option is to join a class lesson, depending on the area you live. After attending classes you should also practice what we go through in the lessons, on your own, as often as possible. This will lead to rapid progress.

The third option is to join an intensive group lesson. These are one day training sessions which last from 11am to 4pm with a break for lunch.

The fourth option is for intensive sessions. You would learn on a daily basis for any number of days or weeks. The time and duration of lessons would be discussed and arranged before you arrive.

To discuss or arrange any of the above please email me at

saddle@hotmail.co.uk or whatsapp +44 7393 978888