I firmly believe that most horse owners want the best possible care, attention and training for their horses. I have witnessed many times, owners putting their horses before themselves, for me this is true commitment.

If we take the time to watch, feel, and study our horses from the ground and on their backs, we can get an informed idea of how to help them to move to their dynamic optimum. In other words, we can see what is working the best for the horse.Over the last forty years, correct training for horses has not really changed. 

I learned to sit on a horse in a uniform when I served in the Household Cavalry Regiment. The time spent with the horses was a mixture of emotions that has never been replicated. The intensive riding lessons, the discipline, the turnout of horse and rider. I was also a member of the riding display team touring the major shows. In winter I helped to train the army 'remounts', the young army horses that were destined for ceremonial duties. I competed show jumping and cross country.

The Household Cavalry horses certainly deserve an accolade, for their patience, attitude, endurance, perseverance and service.

On leaving the Household Cavalry Regiment I trained for, and gained, stable management, teaching and riding qualifications from the British Horse Society. These enabled me to learn, train, school horses and teach in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

I have held the position of Stable Manager in various places, with the responsibility for up to 80 horses. These posts included two where I was responsible for the training of students on the BHS certification ladder for instructors. For this I gave daily stable management lectures and riding lessons. The stable management lessons included anatomy and saddlery fitting as this is required for certification by the BHS. I am proud to say that all the students that I taught passed their respective BHS exams first time. I have trained students up to BHSAI level.

I am available for lessons and horse and rider training in the Axarquia area.

I am also available sometimes at short notice if you have an urgent need for assistance. This could be to cover for staff illness for example or owners of horses looking for temporary cover whilst away on holiday.